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May 21, 2019, 11:54 AM
WSRA Blog 2019 Leisure Travel Services

If you’re looking to have fun this summer in the FLW Region and beyond, we’d love to introduce you to the Leisure Travel Services office at Fort Leonard Wood. It’s the one-stop shop for military families to take advantage of tax-free military discounted pricing for attractions all across the country - and more!

Here are just a few of the incredible things the LTS office can help you with:

Attraction & Amusement Park Tickets

Whether you’re looking to go to the Pulaski County Fair, another local attraction, Disney, Universal Studios, or a sporting event, the LTS office has tickets available for you! Outside of these popular attractions, the LTS office also offers tickets to hundreds of attractions around the country. Whatever city your next vacation takes you to, they can help you save money doing the things you love to do!

Military Graduation Planning

If you’re graduating from Fort Leonard Wood and don’t have the time or energy to help your family set up their travel plans, the LTS office can help! Whether you need to book flights, hotels, or a rental car, they make it easy for your family to celebrate with you, without the stress of planning out all of the details.

Planning Your Next Vacation

From hotel discounts, to cruises, to Armed Forces Recreation Center Resorts, anything you need to plan your next vacation can be found at the LTS office, or even online at Booking your next adventure through LTS allows funds to be reinvested in MWR and the military community. It’s an easy way to take your dream trip and help the community at the same time!

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