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Our terminal is small and easy to access. You’ll need to arrive about 45 minutes before your flight to park, check your bags, and get through security. We are located on a military installation and to access the airport you'll pass through the installation gates. If you don't have a military identification card, you CAN use our airport - you'll just need to show valid identification and your ticket reservation at the gate. Click here to review Fort Leonard Wood official COVID-19 information that may impact your travel plans.


Fort Leonard Wood does make updates to their security access procedures based on security intelligence. Their process can change, so we recommend always checking here to make sure you are prepared. You can also call them directly here: 573-596-0590 or 573-596-0356.

Many states are also working to become compliant with the recent REAL ID act, including Missouri. We strongly recommend checking the latest list of compliant states or the extension list before traveling. If you have another form of official identification other than your driver’s license, we recommend keeping it with you when you’re traveling. You can learn more about the REAL ID act, including which states are compliant, here.

Providing our passengers with the best experience possible is always our top concern. We’ve spent a lot of time writing articles that include a number of tips and helpful information. Whether you’re planning to visit Fort Leonard Wood to see your Soldier graduate or you’re a Fort Leonard Wood Region citizen headed out on business or vacation, we hope you find some of this information helpful:


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