Traveling from FLW


**Before making travel plans, please review Fort Leonard Wood's official installation access procedures, which may impact your travel arrangements.**

The Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport is located on Fort Leonard Wood, but it is open to the public. We offer an easy to navigate terminal, free parking, free baggage, and free wifi while you’re waiting to board your flight. We help you get to St. Louis quickly and easily, so you can drop the stress even before you get to your vacation destination!


Installation security at Fort Leonard Wood is nothing to be afraid of. They work hard to keep everyone safe. Being knowledgeable, aware, and prepared are the keys to ensuring you aren’t delayed at the gate when trying to get onto Fort Leonard Wood for your flight.


Security protocol changes from time to time based on security intelligence. We highly recommend always checking the official Fort Leonard Wood website and contacting Fort Leonard Wood security personnel directly to ask questions or find the information you need to access the installation.



Our airport is easy to find on Fort Leonard Wood and our free parking is located directly across the street from our terminal. For all passengers, we’ve included a map and driving directions here.



It’s free to check a bag when you travel on Contour Air from Fort Leonard Wood to St. Louis. Contour Airlines allows each passenger one complimentary checked bag, one carry-on bag, and one personal item. Due to the size of the aircraft, please be sure to follow all size guidelines found here.


Connecting to your next airline in St. Louis is easy! If you've checked luggage and booked your entire trip as a single itinerary with American Airlines, your checked baggage can be claimed at your final destination. If you're transferring from Contour Airlines to any other airline besides American Airlines and you have checked baggage, head to the baggage claim at St. Louis Lambert International Airport to retrieve your items. From there, you can head to the counter for your next airline and re-check your items. You will need to be rescreened by TSA to get to your next gate. If you only have carry-on baggage with you, you may proceed directly to the Contour Airlines gate without rescreening. Contour Air's gate at the St. Louis airport is C7.

Flying into St. Louis

5017 Iowa Ave
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
Phone: (573) 840-0643
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Reservations: (888) 332-6686

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